What if I’m unhappy with the content?
Sure, that's a valid question. If you’re unhappy with the content, We will do whatever we can make it right for you. Sometimes this can mean a rewrite or a revision or we'll begin again from scratch. Our goal is your happiness.

Will you post new content orders to my blog?
Of course! We'll do more than post it, we’ll add images, links, titles, formatting and a call to action.

How long will it take to receive my first blog post?
Your first post will typically be ready for your approval within 72 hours. After your approval, posts are live on your blog within 48 hours.

How will it be added to my blog?
Your posts will be added using the SteadyContent WordPress plug-in. We are able to schedule your posts in advance, add images, tags, outbound links and a call to action using the same plugin.

Is there a contract to SteadyContent?
No. You may cancel at any time. Any unwritten orders for the month may be refunded. Any content already written is considered owned by the subscriber.

Can I edit my posts?
Yes. You will receive an email and text as soon as your content is ready for your approval. We will wait 72 hours to publish giving you ample time to edit before the post goes live.

Will SteadyContent sell my posts to other people or are they unique to me?
Each article is 100% unique to you. We do not resell or re-use articles for more than one customer.

Who is my content written by?
SteadyContent uses all Native English writers that have passed certain writing skills tests. Your writers will write at a professional grade level.

What if I don’t have a blog?
No worries. SteadyContent.com is owned by the same company that owns NicheBuilder.com. A premium WordPress hosting and tools company. If you need hosting, just ask. We will work something out for you.
How often should I post to my blog?
We recommend posting to your blog at least once per week. More is better, but not more than once per day.

How do I make sure the content written is what I want?
When adding your campaign you will complete a campaign brief describing the overall intention of your blog. You will then add subjects along with any specific instructions you would like for each article. After the article is written you will have the opportunity to review, edit and request a revision if necessary.

What if I have multiple sites I need different content for?
You are able to add as many campaigns to your account as you need. Each can be a unique topic. Simply add the campaign, complete the order and fill out the details for each.

What if I have a site that uses a system other than WordPress?
You can still take advantage of the SteadyContent system. We are still able to procure content for your topics, submit them for your review, provide optimization and featured images. All of this can be accessed and managed through the SteadyContent application.

What if I need to access my content in the future or need to move it to another site?
You will always be able to access your content through your SteadyContent account. Additionally, if you move to a new site that uses WordPress you can install the SteadyContent plugin and repost your content as well as new content and never miss a beat.

What if I want many of articles at once?
You can create a bulk order with any quantity you would like. We will write them at one time and can also post them in bulk to your WordPress site with pre- or post-dates according to how you would like them scheduled.

What if I want more than 1 image per post?
On your configure order page, you can select how many images per post you would like. One image is included, you may purchase additional images at a reasonable price.

Can I choose the font and font-size?
These are usually inherited from your WordPress theme. You would select the font within your theme.

Can I order articles in other languages?
You may order articles in English or Spanish. For Spanish articles please contact us at [email protected].

What is the max length for an article?
Really there is no limit. As long as there is sufficient source content to pull from, we will write an article to any length you desire.

Can I choose the writer?
Our writers are selected from a pool of expert writers. We do not connect with specific writers at this time.

What happens if the article does not get delivered within the delivery time?
We will notify you in advance of any delays and give you the option of cancellation or refund.

Can I re-sell or re-post my content elsewhere?
Absolutely! Your content is yours to do whatever you like with.

Are you guys hiring writers?
Yes, please send us your resume at [email protected]. Please let us know.

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