Stripe is a third-party payment platform, like PayPal, but with a focus on business. It's a globally-recognized, trustworthy company that is serious about helping you succeed.

Since Stripe works with a large number of businesses, the form will ask for your business name and tax ID. That's not necessary. Use your personal information, including your legal name and social security number (you must register as an Individual/Sole Proprietor).

Most of our writers don't have a business website, and that's okay. You can use the URL for your Facebook or Instagram account, or even

We have chosen to use Stripe because it offers automatic payments that are much faster than other platforms.

In order to be paid, you must create an account at and connect it to our system. We will deposit your payments into your Stripe account every Friday.

If you are not a US citizen or do not have Stripe in your country, don't worry we can send payments through PayPal.

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